This season we are delighted to have expanded our materials from East Africa.

In Uganda, Ankole Cow Horn is a byproduct and by incoporating these beautifully unique horns into our designs we are contributing to the empowerment of both the skilled artisans who have hand cut each piece of our collection and the farmers who have invested their lives into breeding cattle to sustain their own families.

Ankole horn goes through a lengthy process before cut into the shapes we use. Horn is locally sourced from all over Uganda. It is dried outside in the sun and then heated in hot cooking oil before being flattened. Different horns from varying locations around Uganda make particular items.

Each piece is cut by hand using precision instruments. The image below is the production of a single bead. After our hexagons have been cut they are polished on a high speed polishing machine which gives them there sheen!

As you will see when purchasing a product, we have separated our colour choices between the three core colours, cream, brown & black. Each piece being unique means gradient and intensity of colour may differ from photos.

To find out more about Ankole production and who we have collaborated with this season please click here!