We believe it takes more than one person to change the world, but it begins with one dream, vision or idea! We form partnerships with existing businesses and organisations working in similar communities to us in East Africa and partner with their visions by becoming a part of their projects.

Voice exists not only to design & create our own product, but also to invest in others with similar dreams to us. Creating a platform for the Voice’s of other projects, to also be known and heard in the UK.

We have recently partnered with two organisations changing lives of women in both Kampala, Uganda & Juba, South Sudan. Each of these pioneered by inspirational women with hearts for change in East Africa.

If you are a creative individual or run a project, business or organisation in East Africa and you are looking for support or partnership in promoting and marketing your vision, product or story please get in touch with Natasha. We would love to hear from you!


Sseko Designs

We have recently begun our partnership with Sseko through investing in their beautiful, ethically made sandal line. Sseko create eye catching, fashionable product which helps young girls in their gap year save towards college tuition in Kampala. For more information and to purchase Sseko product through us, click here!

For more information on the Sseko business model and how Sseko support and change the lives of women in East Africa, watch their video attached below!




Wholehearted based in Juba, South Sudan is committed to helping women out of prostitution. Their vision is to bring love and hope both spiritually and practically to one of the largest brothels in Juba, to transform communities and empower individuals.

“We work with girls as young as 13 years old who have been forced into prostitution for a variety of reasons. We have a safe room in the midst of the brothel which offers the girls a place to come each morning for fun, friendship, training and counselling.” – Amy Jorgensen [Founder]

We love the vision of Wholehearted and we believe partnering with Amy and her team in Juba by selling their handmade necklaces in the UK will raise awareness and grow support for the girls they are working with. All proceeds go directly back to the the women making these necklaces.

If you want to join our partnership programme and support Wholehearted in other ways please click here! To read more about Wholehearted and the journey Amy is on please follow the link to their website!