Her Voice - Bethany Walker


We’re excited to introduce our first series of blogs on the journal at Voice!

Our first ‘Her Voice’ campaign is a space to introduce our wonderful ambassadors, championing the vision in the UK as well as others who have been a huge part of our journey so far!

So first, a big welcome to Bethany Walker! Bethany has been an ambassador for the last nine months and has an inspiring passion for ethical trade. We love having her a part of our UK team and we’re looking forward to being a part of her incredible future plans for her business House of Figs!


Tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Bethany and I currently live in Preston, as of very recently, to join a new Church plant! I’m married to Ed who I met at school aged 14! We have a little one on the way, due at Christmas! I’m an A&E nurse by profession, but as of the last two years I am writing on the side and cultivating a small space on the web that is all about home, belonging, and celebrating the every days of life. I am passionate about travel, people, writing, and finding beauty in every part of life. I’m also a sucker for good food and and a novel!

What first interested you in Voice & becoming and Ambassador?

Voice caught my eye quite simply because of the stunning jewellery. When I realised the ethos and vision behind the business I got so excited. It came at a time when I was just beginning to be very convicted of the ethics around shopping, how I steward my money, and how the makers of everything we consume are treated. It also hit a cord with me in terms of empowering women, enabling creativity, and working cross culturally. I was also incredibly inspired by Natasha's work ethic, vision and drive to meet a need creatively and with purpose and passion. I wanted to get involved and support in any way I could


We’re all about seeing women empowered and released into their dreams, can you tell us a little about your own?

I dream about using my voice, primarily through writing, to tell my story and to encourage others to do the same. I hope that the words I pen, can bring about hope, can help individuals find meaning in the minutes of the day, and to bring about change in their lives. I believe everyone has a voice, something to bring, everyone belongs, and I hope that I express that in my life and work and to empower others to believe the same. I dream about tying all of this up into a business, that at the moment is a blog. I Dream about supporting small business, selling products that are made well and ethically and communicate home to anyone who buys them. I believe one day the business (called House of Figs) will be coffee shops, and books, courses and will (I hope) involve travel. Who knows, let’s see where it goes.

As your dreams flourish and your business grows, how do you want to be a part of promoting other projects and ethical movements?

I want to be part of promoting small business and ethical trade firstly by buying my own products consciously. By making an effort to think through purchases and be responsible with the money and opportunities I have. Secondly, through House of Figs I would love to support small business by selling their products. I plan to sell products that I believe to be ethically made, sourced and that empowers people.

To other women pursuing their dreams of writing right now what wisdom can you share?

Gosh that feels like a tough question because I feel so new to this. I would say, that even if one person reads something you have written, that is influence. You get to use your words to communicate something and so don’t feel disheartened when it takes time. It is a slow and long game (in my experience an I am in-experienced). But, I have been so encouraged by those who tell me that what I have written has brought them life, even when it’s few or far between. That’s the honour. Don’t despise the day of small beginnings and just keep pursuing it faithfully.