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The Empowerment Cycle

At Voice our MISSION is to release creativity through community.We are very excited to share with you our empowerment cycle and the role you play in supporting our vision!


M A D E  W I T H  L O V E

One of the main stages of our empowerment cycle is the beautiful, ethical product created. We pride ourselves on making jewellery to the finest of standards, combining both British & Ugandan traditional styles. After the initial design process all our artisans join together in learning how to make each design before production begins.

This is one of the most exciting parts of what we do, having the opportunity to inspire creativity into action and see a talented group of artisans take a collection, influence its development and make it come alive is truly incredible!


T H E  U K

All our product handmade in Uganda then makes its way over to us here in the UK where we are then able to sell the most recent collection.

But what impact does that make??


Y O U R  I M P A C T  O F F E R S

So how does your investment impact our mission?

In purchasing our products you directly partner with us in offering creative, sustainable employment to women and men in Uganda. This then enables us to grow our team of artisans, offering them a sustainable form of employment which helps break the cycle of poverty in each of their lives!

This then ripples far and wide, meaning individuals can also sufficiently provide for their families, afford schooling for children and start achieving their own dreams!

creative academy.jpg

C R E A T I V E  A C A D E M Y

The next stage of our empowerment cycle which consists of two parts is our uprising Creative Academy!

As well as offering sustainable employment to women and men trapped within the poverty cycle in Uganda, we offer training and short term courses in the creative arts. We seek to work alongside charities in Uganda by sending our trainer artisans into poorer communities and running courses in, beading, sewing & photography.

Part two of our creative academy are the 3 month apprenticeships offered most commonly to young women who have just finished A levels who need to save towards university. Upon graduating from our academy permanent roles amongst our Voice artisans are then offered!

dream box.jpg

O U R  D R E A M  B O X

The final stage of our empowerment cycle, but also the first!

Everything we do is about pursing our wildest dreams and seeing the fruit of these come true!

However we are not just excited to share with you about our Dream Box, we want to invite you to be a part of seeing the fulfilment of these dreams by launching our Unlocking Keys necklace……


At the start of employment with Voice our artisans get to write down their wildest dreams and desires which get locked safely in our dream box. Together as a team we then contend and believe that these hopes will come true.

Every key at Voice has been hand stamped and cut to directly unlock our box in Uganda. Which means in purchasing one of our Unlocking Keys you not only get to wear a piece of our story but you directly partner with us in believing in the dreams of our artisans!

So join the dream movement today, purchase a key, believe in a dream, change a life!