Jewellery care

All jewellery comes in a handsewn linen bag to keep clean & safe. We reccomend you storing your items in these when not being worn.

Overtime Brass jewellery can tarnish, especially if exposed to water, hence the advice to keep as dry as possible ( a little rain won't hurt!)

If your jewellery has started to tarnish here's how to shine it back up again...


You'll need:

- Half a lemon

- A tablespoon of Bicarbonate of Soda

- A soft toothbrush

- A Dry Cloth

Squeeze your lemon into a small bowl and mix with your Bicarb into a thick paste. Coat your brass jewellery in the paste, use your toothbrush on any heavier tarnish. Leave for 20 minutes, soak in warm water and dry with a cloth.

This method will also work for Sterling Silver if you want it a biy shinier, but is not suitable for any paper beads.


Alternatively you can use BRASSO or SILVO wadding/liquid to clean your jewellery