A Weekend In Paris

A Weekend In Paris

Paris has become a little more well known to me over the last three years, starting with Fashion Week in 2020 - What an experience! And now more regular visits to collaborate with some amazing friends and fellow creatives inspiring women to dream big!

Known to be the fashion epicenter of the world, its vibrant but stylistic way of embracing life has definitely captured my thoughts for future growth and goals for Voice! But today I’m sitting listening to the wind and rain on my attic ceiling in the beautiful city of Bath, hometown and HQ of a majority of our scheming and planning at Voice. So instead we’re dreaming and reminiscing of our most recent trip, the adventure taken with my 11 month old and close friend Esther. The landmarks I visited, coffee shops and croissants I quite literally fell in love with, but best of all, the people, the styling, the creativity - our mission.

So I guess here’s the  round up you never asked for of a few favourite places we visited, but the main reason for this post - A spotlight on an exciting photoshoot collaboration with our stylist besties at She Glams Her Heart and our activewear planet savers Gngr Bees.

There’s something magical about seeing an idea come to life, ever felt it? Then place that idea in the streets of Paris surrounded by gorgeous architecture, landmarks and fresh patisserie - there’s almost nothing comparable!

We had a flying five day visit but my highlight for sure was our photoshoot collaboration day. The second time our ethical handcrafted jewellery found itself debuting around Paris. So first up, our Bravery Studs and favourite Terra Shirt from Gngr Bees. Styled by Lizbeth and her team, photographed by Hannah & modeled by Addie. I LOVE what we captured in this series of images, the fun, the flowers, the fresh bread - created a vibe we wanted to run with the rest of the day. We started photographing amongst these quirky streets in 20th and all of a sudden I just saw the rest of the shoot in my mind featuring a warm baguette and fresh flowers from the local patisserie. None of us had any spare change but the wonderful lady sponsored our shoot with her DELICIOUS fresh baguette. Zion thoroughly enjoyed a bite too!

We then mixed our jewels up and started to focus on our brand new Infinite pieces. Perfect complimenting designs for the Terra Shirt, simple, golden and gorgeous. I loved sitting back and just catching the behind the scenes whilst Lizbeth and Hannah directed the rest of the shoot. 

Later on we ventured on the metro into central Paris and Lizbeth’s team began styling more of our pieces on multiple models from the creative seminar they were running which I had been invited to speak at. What an honor I must say - But more on this in a different journal post to come!

I love what her team curated. The textures, the colours featuring lots of our best selling autumn pieces. They even roped me in for a few shots, ah, not sure what I think - thoughts? Think I’ll stick to being a creative biz owner and female entrepreneur empowerer rather than a part time model haha!

I asked Esther my travel buddy, No 1 Voice HYPE person & fellow Voice visionary, what her favourite part was. She put it so well : “A highlight of the trip was seeing the jewellery that I’m really familiar with, styled and worn differently as well as seeing them at work and how creative they all were.”

Also, whilst we’re talking about Esther. You all need an Esther in you’re lives. Eternally grateful to everything she does for us at Voice and her dedication and passion to see our business change the lives of women ALL over the world. 

Time to round up, as I could go on forever. It was an amazing trip and I’m so excited to return soon to create more fashion dreams come true whilst collaborating with new designers and artists alongside our friends at SGHH. But not forgetting my fave places to visit when there, for your flying visit list when you finally book that flight….

With love, Natasha x

Your weekend in Paris here!

For all the foodies...

Coffee first - obviously ☕️ - Head to KB Coffee - It won't disappoint!

Breakfast with a view - Or lunch 🥐  at Montmartre with deliciousness from PainPain 

Crepes 🥞 - Anywhere, everywhere, oh my, so yummy!

Dinner - Chez Janou - Personal fave we went here in 2020 when Paris was SO quiet during COVID-19 - we had the restaurant to ourselves, the food is INCREDIBLE, so we returned and oh my it did not disappoint. 

Landmarks we love...

Obviously you can't miss trips to The Eiffel Tower, Lourve Museum, Arch de Triumph! The metro is super easy to navigate! If you prefer to walk, I've done that too - make sure you're wearing comfies as it's always further than you think but the views and atmosphere make it worth it!


I haven't made it to this, but next time if its still open I'll be there in a flash - La Galerie Dior museum is currently open just near the Champs Éylsées.

Monét - A must see! I loved every second wondering around such beautiful, mesmerising artwork!

There are so many amazing galleries to add to your weekend! Take a look at this article for more ideas!