Five reasons we LOVE Recycled Silver

Five reasons we LOVE Recycled Silver


It’s February, which means love is in the air! While we’ll spend much of this month gushing about our Valentines and our Galentines, we also want to gush about Recycled Silver.

Recycled is sterling silver made from 100% recycled scrap metal. It’s made from 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% additional alloys, meaning it's exactly the same composition and quality as regular sterling silver, equally hypoallergenic - it’s just an eco-friendly alternative. 


Since May 2021, all of Voice’s silver jewellery has been made from Recycled Silver and more recently our supplier Cooksongold has ensured that all chains and findings are now also 100% recycled. 


Using Recycled Silver enables us to bring together environment, aesthetics and empowerment into our design and manufacturing processes. Our primary goal is always to empower our artisans and our customers, through gorgeous, hand-crafted jewellery, all with minimal impact on the planet. 


silver jewellery at Voice

Here are five reasons why we love using Recycled Silver in our jewellery: 


  1. It’s recyclable, auditable and traceable

    All of the Recycled Silver we purchase from our supplier Cooksongold comes with a certificate of authenticity which guarantees the origin of the product our artisans then use to create the jewellery you buy from us. This means we can be sure that the silver we use is not only 100% recycled, but also 100% auditable and traceable.

  2. It reduces our impact on the environment

    Silver is mined from the ground in a process which causes deforestation, destruction of land and pollution. The silver mining industry is huge: in 2019 the US government reported that its domestic silver mining industry alone produced approximately 980 tons of silver with an estimated value of over $500,000,000. While not all mined silver is used in jewellery manufacture, it’s a significant portion. By jewellery manufacturers like Voice opting for recycled bullion, we can make a small but not insignificant impact on the volume of new silver that needs to be mined for the industry to continue.

  3. It’s versatile

    Recycled Silver, like any other sterling silver, is malleable which means it’s soft and easy to cut, shape and solder into a range of fabulous designs. This means we can use it to create rings, earrings and necklaces, using techniques like hammering, which you’ll see on our Pinto collection or Unity Choker and Ring.

  4. It’s lightweight and delicate

    We adore the dainty shapes we’re able to create using Recycled Silver, such as the closely interlocking beans that form our simple yet eye-catching Pinto Studs, Ring and Pendant.

  5. It helps our artisans hone their skills

    Working with Ecosilver has given our artisans the opportunity to hone their skills, such as soldering. Cathy is our soldering expert and she enjoys creating pieces that challenge her skills. Her favourites are the Pinto studs because while they were difficult to solder, she’s proud that she can make these beautiful earrings.

Pinto Collection